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                                                               How BibVault works


Unique BibVault ID

Every runner is identified by a unique BibVault ID which can be used to track all the results of the runner.

Single view

All of your races and official results in a single view.

Entry fee redemption percentage

Runners will be awarded with a percentage of their entry fee to redeem back.

Flexible award redemption
Runner can redeem the awards from various life style businesses of their choice.

Race Calendar
Runner can find all the races via the BibVault's running calendar.

Alerts and reminders
BibVault pushes race alerts and reminders to you and keeps runner on track in registering and training for the races.

Data analytics
Runner can analyse their previous race performances.



  • Bullseye
    Search for all races
  • Ability to add past results
  • Bullseye
    Single view of results 
  • Monetise the runs
  • Bullseye
    Performance Analytics
  • Social acceptance​​​​​

           Race Organisers

  • Bullseye
    Retain existing runners
  • Attract new runners
  • Race promotion

     Life Style Businesses

  • Bullseye
    Real Business transaction
  • Attract new customers
  • Potential increase in sale
  • Bullseye
    Brand reach and recognition

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